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Global Accreditation Initiative

ISAPS-1The Safest Possible Care

The Global Accreditation Initiative will allow patients and regulatory bodies to easily identify the safest facilities for procedures. International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) membership combined with QUAD A accreditation provides a clear and easy-to-understand statement to patients that a center is staffed by highly qualified and properly trained surgeons and is run in accordance with global standards to promote safety.

By committing to following international standards through accreditation in addition to being qualified plastic surgeons, ISAPS members can separate themselves from those practicing in centers that cannot demonstrate they are appropriately equipped to treat patients safely in all aspects of operations. By partnering with ISAPS, QUAD A can further distinguish its accredited facilities as having staff that have committed to superior scientific and technical education and a reduction in adverse outcomes.

The Most Prepared Facilities

This initiative aims to pair supremely trained plastic surgeons who are ISAPS members, with education and standardization for the rest of the clinical and administrative staff of the center to create the best and safest possible locations to undergo surgery. The result is a holistic approach to staff training and education and facility preparedness. Our shared philosophy is that accreditation should support superior physician training with education, helping facilities and their support staff rise to the highest standards of care. This includes training nursing staff and technicians on proper processes and systems throughout the facility. The best care begins with the best training.







QUAD A Accreditation

QUAD A accreditation programs help facilities demonstrate a strong commitment to patient safety, standardize quality across specialties, promote safe services to patients, and collaborate with other healthcare leaders.

In addition to physical safety standards, QUAD A enforces strict credentialing requirements, ensuring that the scope of training and practice is respected and that only those with proper specialty training may operate within our facilities.

QUAD A provides official recognition to facilities that have passed a thorough survey conducted by a qualified QUAD A surveyor and met 100% of its standards.

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ISAPS Membership

ISAPS’s purpose is to promote scientific and social interchange among aesthetic plastic surgeons worldwide, respecting the unique insights and contributions that each culture brings to the field. ISAPS members have the opportunity to organize events under the ISAPS brand, enhancing their status in the profession. Our focus on patient safety influences the educational content and membership benefits we provide

ISAPS defends the specialty by educating patients and the media, promoting standardization, and providing legal support. We promote safe aesthetic plastic surgery and our members through our comprehensive marketing, public relations, and outreach initiatives.


Trusted Partnership

The safest possible care is offered by ISAPS members operating withinQUAD A accredited facilities. To ensure this level of safety, we must work together as organizations.

QUAD A accreditation does not assess physician technique or decisions because we recognize that the education and learning provided by ISAPS ensures that physicians have the knowledge necessary to operate at the highest level.

ISAPS recognizes that the physician is the central component, but there are other aspects of daily operations that dictate the quality and safety of a center and that QUAD A accreditation promotes diligence and safe practices throughout the organization, ensuring the rest of the staff are on par with the exceptional physicians.


Continued Education

Through this program, participating facilities will receive access to exclusive content and the best educational offerings from both ISAPS and QUAD A.

ISAPS provides scientific education to plastic surgeons, and QUAD A provides expertise on various aspects of safe facility operations which is relevant to the entire staff and impacts safe care throughout the organizational structure and in every area of the center's operations, including away from the operating room table.


Increased Visibility

Accreditation of ISAPS members worldwide allows facilities to easily inform the public that their setting is accredited, provides the safest care, and takes the burden off the patient to have the technical knowledge and understanding to assess all aspects of compliance. The accreditation certificate answers all the relevant safety questions the patient should be asking.


Global Safety Standards

Patient safety is at the heart of the missions of both QUAD A and ISAPS, and promoting clinical and operational best practices is part of that shared mission. Our objective is to ensure the greatest level of safety while being responsive and respectful to the various methods centers might use to achieve it.

The Global Accreditation Initiative puts plastic surgery and ISAPS members at the forefront of a global campaign to ensure the safety of patients everywhere.