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Our Staff

QA-HS-JuliaAnesa Kollari

Software Engineer

Anesa Kollari brings over half a decade of experience as a web developer and software engineer to Quad A. And while she develops high-level products that ensure Quad A clients get the best service possible, her role is much more than being a software engineer. 

The Kosovo native takes an active role in every project and application, exercising critical thinking skills and solving problems. Anesa constantly pushes forward on technical requirements, creating libraries and frameworks to achieve fast, accurate results for Quad A team members and their clients. 

But she doesn’t stop there. Even after project completion, Anesa performs UI testing and performance optimizations, ensuring software is modified, and bugs are fixed to ensure the best product possible. 

Anesa draws inspiration from a quote by Australian photographer and naturalist Densey Cline, “ Excellence should never be taken for granted; otherwise, we stop reaching for it.” 

Anesa recharges her batteries by spending time with family and friends, reading, running, and skiing. She’s even been known to catch a fish or two.