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Our Staff

QA-HS-NikiChristina Scandiff

Administration and Operations Coordinator

Christina Scandiff loves taking care of people. After all, she is a mother of six and grandmother of thirteen. Maybe that’s why she is so effective in her Administration and Operations Coordinator role at QUAD A. 

Christina takes care of all the equipment needs for the QUAD A staff, ensuring they have everything needed to work effectively and efficiently. In addition, she works closely with the QUAD A admin team to coordinate team events and board meetings. 

Her negotiating skills, adherence to deadlines, and knack for recognizing and eliminating supply chain bottlenecks all translate into a better customer experience for QUAD A clients. 

Christina loves vacationing with family, singing, dancing, and hiking in her free time.

 But she always likes returning to work at QUAD A and what it represents to her. 

Quad A has done an excellent job at being inclusive. We represent or have represented many walks of life,” she said. “ I have seen no race, color, sexual orientation or religious belief barrier. This is something I feel Quad A should be proud of.