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What is Accreditation?


Accreditation assures the public that extra steps have been taken to promote patient safety.

QUAD A accreditation programs help facilities demonstrate a strong commitment to patient safety, standardize quality, maintain fiscal responsibility, promote services to patients, and collaborate with other health care leaders.

QUAD A provides official recognition to facilities that have met 100% of its high standards. Accreditation assures the public that patient safety is top priority in a facility.

An accredited facility is re-evaluated through a self-survey every year, and an onsite survey every three years. Facilities must continuously comply with all QUAD A accreditation standards between surveys. Upon approval, an accredited facility must prominently display its accreditation certificate in public view.

An accredited facility must be fully equipped to perform procedures in the medical specialties listed on its accreditation application.

After a survey, a facility is given 30 days to correct any deficiencies and submit evidence that corrections have been completed. Once completed, all new facilities are sent to an accreditation committee for approval. After approval is granted, accreditation becomes active, and the facility is promptly notified.