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International Programs


The Global Accreditation Initiative will allow patients and regulatory bodies to easily identify the safest facilities for procedures. International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) membership combined with QUAD A accreditation provides a clear and easy-to-understand statement to patients that a center is staffed by highly-qualified, properly-trained surgeons and is run in accordance with global standards to promote safety.

By committing to following international standards through accreditation in addition to being qualified plastic surgeons, ISAPS members can separate themselves from those practicing in centers that cannot demonstrate they are appropriately equipped to safely treat patients in all aspects of operations. By partnering with ISAPS, QUAD A can further distinguish its accredited facilities as having staff that have committed to superior scientific and technical education and a reduction in adverse outcomes.

For more information on international QUAD A and ISAPS accreditation, click here.

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International Surgery

This is an accreditation program certifying to the medical community and the general public that a facility meets internationally recognized standards. Patients undergoing surgery in an accredited operating room are assured the same level of care and safety preparedness as those receiving care in a hospital. Centers with nearly any surgical specialty are eligible for accreditation under this program.

International Dentistry

This is an accreditation program certifying to the dental community and the general public that a facility meets internationally recognized standards. This international program promotes optimal patient safety while meeting the specific needs of the dental community. Accredited clinics meet standards that are written with unique anesthesia delivery and disinfection practices appropriate to the delivery of safe dental care.

International Physical Therapy

Our International Physical Therapy program is designed to assess the quality of therapeutic care in physical therapy and speech pathology. These clinics may additionally offer occupational therapy internationally.




With a focus on patient safety and industry best practices, QUAD A can elevate your healthcare facility. To learn more about the benefits of our accreditation, click the link below, email: info@QUADA.org or call us at 888-545-5222.