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Educational Foundation



The last thing anyone should ever question when considering care is their safety. After all, you trust that your healthcare site has gone through rigorous standards to ensure the unthinkable never happens. Unfortunately, the unthinkable not only can happen, but does, particularly when healthcare facilities aren’t held accountable.

The QUAD A Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that promotes and implements the educational, scientific and charitable activities of QUAD A, ensuring that Patient Safety always comes first.

Utilizing the exclusive patient safety data from accredited facilities, The QUAD Educational Foundation funds research that can be presented at professional conferences and published to contribute evidence in important studies for medical journals - including articles on patient mortality and adverse events in outpatient surgery. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Donations to the QUAD A Educational Foundation support important educational programs in the field of outpatient surgery, rural health, outpatient physical therapy, and speech pathology, as well as research for medical facilities, healthcare providers, and patients dedicated to improving the safety of care in a variety of settings. 

If you are interested in receiving additional information about QUAD A sponsorship opportunities, along with the benefits that come from supporting patient safety, please contact our marketing department at