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Our Surveyors

Surveyors are certified medical specialists dedicated to the peer-based accreditation process that gives QUAD A national and international recognition as the global accreditation authority. Through regular training, they maintain surveyor certification and obtain current information critical to performing high-quality surveys.

QUAD A surveyors conduct thorough, consistent surveys by evaluating each facility through observation, staff and patient interviews, and assessment of each standard to determine compliance or non-compliance.

QUAD A surveyors must:

  • Participate in a survey team whose size and composition is appropriate for theAdobeStock_228931457-1 facility
  • Conduct a thorough and unbiased facility survey as instructed in the documents contained in the surveyor handbook
  • Complete the survey in accordance with the QUAD A survey schedule and checklist
  • Follow appropriate time guidelines
  • Complete all forms and documentation required as provided in the surveyor handbook
  • Return all forms and documentation to the QUAD A central office in the time designated
  • Complete a Statement of Deficiency form for each deficiency
  • Review the facility plan of correction and the supporting documentation to verify all deficiencies are corrected


Quality improvement methods and periodic assessments are key to maintaining the integrity of the accreditation programs. Surveyors are an integral part of the QUAD A accreditation process. QUAD A consistently evaluates its surveyors through an ongoing quality assurance process that incorporates facility feedback, objective performance metrics, and random validation surveys. Surveyors must remain in good standing with QUAD A to continue performing surveys.


QUAD A Surveyor Qualifications:

  • Be a qualified physician, registered nurse, or rehabilitation therapy provider with a current license.
  • Submit a CV that documents experience to qualify as a surveyor.
  • Physician must be board certified or eligible by a certifying board accepted by QUAD A.
  • Demonstrate two years of experience in an OBS setting.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 365 tools.
  • Surveys are performed on QUAD A-issued tablets and the surveyor’s personnel laptop.
  • Sign and adhere to the QUAD A Surveyor Agreement, including Surveyor Attestation, Conflict of interest, Code of Conduct, Surveyor Guidelines, and agreement to participate in an annual surveyor appraisal and review process conducted by the QUAD A Quality Assurance Program.
  • Attend QUAD A surveyor in-service training and pass the Surveyor Training examination at the conclusion of each training course. A certificate of completion will be kept on file in the QUAD A office.

Those interested in becoming a QUAD A surveyor should complete the application form below.

Surveyor Education

QUAD A provides several educational opportunities:

  •  Surveyor Quarterly Calls
    • Save the date for upcoming calls: February 9, April 27, July 27, and October 26, 2023!

General Information Related to Important Policies

Accreditation Resource Guide

Life Safety Code Surveyors Education

Completing the Basic Life Safety Code: The Survey Process and Principles of Documentation for Life Safety Code exams are a required component for QUAD A Medicare Life Safety Code surveyors upon completion of a Life Safety Code training session.

Please click on the corresponding links to the presentations, review the PowerPoint presentations, and complete the exams below. The results of the exams will automatically be generated to QUAD A.

Basic Life Safety Code: The Survey Process Presentation
Basic Life Safety Code: The Survey Process Exam 

Principles of Documentation for Life Safety Code Presentation
Principles of Documentation for Life Safety Code Exam 

Interested in becoming a QUAD A surveyor?