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Our Staff

Blerinë Restelica - UI /UX Designer | QUAD A StaffBlerinë Restelica

UI /UX Designer

Blerinë, our dedicated User Interface/User Experience Designer, excels at conceptualizing, crafting, and enhancing the user-experiences of our digital products and software. With a focus on user-centric functionality and aesthetics, she envisions and designs new features for our projects as well as rejuvenating existing ones.

Blerinë's specialization lies in usability testing, design thinking, and crafting accessible digital solutions that cater to a diverse base. With a skillset that seamlessly adapts projects to a variety of screen sizes, Blerinë maintains the right fusion of form and function in websites and digital applications.

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Blerinë boasts proficiency in coding languages and frameworks, merging her technical know-how with a deep passion for user-experience design. Her dedication is rooted in her commitment to crafting digital solutions that prioritize intuition, ease of navigation, and accessibility.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Blerinë's artistic flair is evident in her various creative pursuits. In her leisure time, she indulges in creating short videos, painting, and exploring culinary delights.

Blerinë's association with a healthcare-focused company like QUAD A serves as a constant reminder of her significant role. She recognizes that her work contributes to the larger mission of enhancing the quality of patient care.