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Our Staff

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)Cody Follmann

IT Assistant

Cody Follmann serves as QUAD A's IT Assistant, diligently working to establish and maintain state-of-the-art technology solutions. Cody is focused on operational efficiency and takes on a wide range of responsibilities, including troubleshooting server issues, creating employee accounts, and maintaining up-to-date systems.

As part of Cody's educational background, he attended a Technical Campus where he specialized in computer programming languages such as C++ and Java. In an effort to continue his professional growth, Cody has plans to further enhance his expertise by pursuing an IT Computer Support Specialist program.

His commitment to impacting the world positively is ingrained in him, stemming from his upbringing in Antioch, IL, which instilled in him the importance of family and community. With this in mind, he remains determined to accomplish great things, knowing that faith in his abilities and resilience in the face of any setback will propel him ever closer to his goals. In summary, Cody Follmann brings his technical expertise, dedication to advancement, and a desire to make a difference to his role as an IT Assistant at QUAD A.