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Our Staff

Ledion Sejda, Full Stack DeveloperLedion Sejda

Full Stack Developer

Ledion is a dedicated Full Stack Developer with a strong background in software development and a proven track record of creating innovative solutions. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in computer science, Ledion is committed to continuous learning and staying updated with industry advancements. In addition to his academic pursuits, Ledion has ventured into entrepreneurial endeavors by starting a car detailing startup.

His expertise in JavaScript, Angular, VueJS, Java, NodeJS, CSS, and Sass has positioned him as a valuable asset for QUAD A. Ledion collaborates with the team to develop applications, pitch strategies, and uphold code quality.

Beyond his dedication to quality assurance, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of QUAD A's platform and functionality. Ledion excels at developing both client and server-side code and and is proactive in seeking opportunities to enhance the client experience through bug detection and code optimization. With his extensive knowledge of QUAD A's platform, Ledion is well-prepared to contribute to the company's ongoing success.