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Empower Your Rural Health Clinic To Thrive

With Accreditation By Quad A

Are you a primary care clinic in a rural or medically underserved area seeking Medicare and Medicaid participation? Clinics situated in non-urban census tracts or experiencing health professional shortages may be eligible to participate.



QUAD A – Proven Expertise

With a track record of success – QUAD A has the longest-running RHC accreditation program in the US. Our seasoned staff of experts are here to answer your questions and help your clinic thrive. At QUAD A, we believe everyone deserves equal access to safe, exceptional care, regardless of location.

That's why we believe in accrediting every RHC to the same high standards as other providers. This promotes better healthcare outcomes for patients in rural communities.

Tailored Solutions

Our team at QUAD A is committed to making the accreditation process for rural health clinics as streamlined and straightforward as possible, offering tailored solutions to each clinic’s individual needs.

For RHCs, understanding state-specific requirements is essential.

Staying informed about specific laws and regulations for Rural Health Clinics is crucial to continually uphold the highest standards of care. By choosing QUAD A, you gain access to straightforward solutions that enhance both health outcomes and business success.

Commitment to Excellence

QUAD A is committed to elevating rural healthcare through accreditation, support, and CMS compliance – empowering your clinic to adapt and flourish in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


Partnering with QUAD A

With a comprehensive approach to RHC accreditation, we are committed to ensuring rural and underserved communities have access to vital outpatient care, primary care, and routine laboratory services from high-quality centers. Our comprehensive approach addresses rural healthcare challenges, promoting better healthcare outcomes for patients in these communities.


Discount for NARHC Members
Visit NARHC’s website at www.narhc.org/narhc/NARHC_Member_Consultant_Discounts.asp to learn more.

Protect Your Patients and Your Credibility

With accreditation by QUAD A, patients can feel confident they are receiving treatment from a facility that has demonstrated the ability to meet stringent standards. We have been on the front line of the healthcare regulatory industry for over 40 years, providing reliable resources, uncompromising standards, and effective communication at every stage of the accreditation process. 

Our consultative approach, and thorough on-site surveys set us apart from other accreditation organizations, providing clearly defined criteria – working with our facilities, not against them.

Patients First. Always.

At QUAD A, we expect more from our surveyors, our staff, and the facilities we accredit. Maintaining this level of service and care allows patients who visit your facility to feel confident they have made the right choice. 

Additionally, NARC's exclusive discounts are available to RHC accreditation members, elevating your professional status and increasing your opportunities.

Protect your patients and your reputation - Choose QUAD A accreditation. Expect More!


Interested In Accreditation?

Learn more about the QUAD A accreditation process by reviewing our list of standards, materials and forms. We also provide self survey resources and frequently asked questions to make the application process painless. Choose accreditation by QUAD A and show your patients their safety is your first priority. Patients First. Always.


Discounts for NARHC Members

10% Discount on Annual Fees to Member Clinics

Members of the National Association of Rural Health Clinics are able to receive discounts on services and products from our vendor and consultant partners.