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Our Staff

QA-HS-JuliaArdit Berisha

Mid Back-End Developer

As a Mid Back-End Developer, Ardit Berisha develops high-level software to meet the needs of Quad A clients. But he sees himself as a problem-solver who happens to use software as a solution. 

Ardit’s mantra is “First solve the problem, then write the code.” 

And he is earnest about using his IT skillset to help clients find solutions. He can write in six different coding languages and work in nine frameworks, including Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, RESTful, AOP, Hibernate,  Java Swing, .Net core, and Bootstrap. 

Ardit can also navigate across databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql, Oracle, PL/SQL. SQL Server, Workbench, pgAdmin, and Toad

That background allows him to work with a team of Quad-A engineers to analyze situations and propose answers from the beginning of a process to the end. 

In his downtime, Ardit enjoys playing football, reading, hiking, traveling, and volunteering in the community.