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Accreditation assures the public extra steps have been taken to promote patient safety. Click to learn more about QUAD A accreditation.

Our Staff

QA-HS-beverly-robbins-crop-001Beverly Robins

 Director of Survey Education and Operations

Beverly Robins has learned a few things about accreditation and patient safety in her four decades of healthcare accreditation. 

“Data talks,” said Beverly. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” 

That’s why the Director of Survey Education and Operations constantly seeks to use metrics to deliver quality products to QUAD A clients. That’s important because Beverly carries quite a bit of responsibility in her role. 

She is responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating all internal and external clinical education offerings. Beverly also oversees the clinical accuracy and sufficiency of surveyor findings, facility plans of correction, and facility corrections for all accreditation programs. 

In addition, she must conduct updates for staff, surveyors, and facilities, all while being the surveyor of Validation Programs.

A registered nurse with an MBA, Beverly has held key leadership positions in managing multiple service lines in freestanding ambulatory and hospital-based outpatient care settings. 

She has a robust accreditation and certification operations background in regulatory compliance and has held leadership and executive leadership positions in two other national accrediting organizations.