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Our Staff

QA-HS-DenholmBonnie Denholm,DNP

Board of Directors 

Bonnie Denholm has been with QUAD A since 2008 and serves on the Standards Committee. A nurse practitioner, she is one of the organization’s chief resources regarding perioperative nursing standards. 

Since entering healthcare as a nurse more than three decades ago, Bonnie has immersed herself in patient care and safety. She has written more than 40 scholarly articles on healthcare and patient safety and continues to write and present more findings each year. 

Bonnie is a member of AORN, the American Holistic Nurses Association, the Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States, and the American Society of Association Executives. 

Her experience as a nurse practitioner, writer, and educator makes her uniquely qualified to serve QUAD A clients. In addition to her current role, Bonnie has served on the Quality Committee, the Investigative Committee, the Accreditation Committee, and the Nurse Inspector Committee. 

She is also trained as a CMS and Rural Health Clinic inspector. 

Her interests include personality profiles, gardening, hiking, photography, traveling, knitting, 

sewing, and beading.