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Accreditation assures the public extra steps have been taken to promote patient safety. Click to learn more about QUAD A accreditation.

Our Staff

Jeanne Henry - Chief Operations Officer  | QUAD AJeanne Henry

 Chief Operation Officer

Jeanne Henry has been with QUAD A for more than 16 years and is currently the Chief Operating Officer. 

As COO, she is responsible for the management of daily operations. Jeanne also supports QUAD A’s CEO in developing a business plan aligned with the organization’s strategic efforts. 

Jeanne’s experience at QUAD A has allowed her to provide guidance in many of its departments. She specializes in policy and procedure development, standards development, and state and federal application submissions. Jeanne also has advanced experience in developing and overseeing new accreditation programs.  

Before becoming COO, Jeanne served in various roles at QUAD A, including Director of Accreditation, Associate Director of Accreditation, Program Manager, and Quality Assurance and Customer Service Lead.

That background has served QUAD A and its clients well, providing continuity based on professional relationships with several of the organization’s founders and past board members. 

“Each one of them so valued accreditation and truly lived our mission of patient safety. They were so proud to be part of our great organization,” said Jeanne. 

Jeanne’s daily efforts ensure that the pride and passion of those founders are passed on to the next generation of QUAD A employees. 

“With every decision we make, the first question we ask ourselves is, ‘How does our decision affect patient safety?,’ she explained. “ By keeping our mission in the forefront, we truly honor the intent of our founding board members who invested so much in Quad A for so many years.”

Jeanne and her husband have been married and have two children. They share her passion for animals, especially horses. In her free time, Jeanne volunteers at several community schools, including a college prep school that helps children from low-income households achieve their college dreams.