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Accreditation assures the public extra steps have been taken to promote patient safety. Click to learn more about QUAD A accreditation.

Our Staff

Jessie Shattuck - Accreditation Specialist | QUAD AJessie Dietmeyer

Accreditation Specialist

Jessie Dietmeyer has always had an interest in the non-profit sector. She has served as the curator’s assistant at the St. Charles Historical Society in Illinois and the Palestine Exploration Fund in London. 

Now, she brings that wealth of experience to her role as an accreditation specialist at QUAD A. With such a strong background, Jessie could have helped almost any non-profit, but QUAD A resonated with her. 

“I applied to QUAD A because I was impressed with their mission in patient rights and safety and how they work with facilities to achieve this goal,” she said. 

She helps forward the QUAD A mission by tracking accreditation status, ensuring compliance with QUAD A standards, and renewing certificates. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Northern Illinois University and is pursuing a master’s degree in the Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation Program at the School of International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute.