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Our Staff

Qendrim Demiraj - Mid Back-End Developer | QUAD AQendrim Demiraj

Mid Back-End Developer

Qendrim Demiraj has a very practical approach to his mid-back-end developer role at QUAD A. 

“The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not create it,” he explained. 

That may seem simple in theory but is challenging in its practical application. But Qendrim mitigates complexity for QUAD A employees and clients by developing a deep understanding of all applications and services. 

He constantly seeks to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements, using his deep knowledge of coding languages, frameworks, and database management systems. 

In addition, Qendrim has developed specialties in project management, software development, software testing, and debugging. 

Qendrim unwinds with his favorite hobbies, including football, basketball, swimming, reading, and traveling.