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Our Staff

Shelli Greschaw-Survey AnalystShelli Greschaw

Survey Analyst

Dedicated to upholding the highest standards in healthcare, Shelli excels as a Survey Analyst. With extensive experience in both acute and post-acute settings, Shelli collaborates closely with the Clinical Team, Surveyors, and Accreditation Specialists. Her primary focus is ensuring the accuracy and sufficiency of survey findings, coupled with the development of effective facility correction plans, all aimed at maintaining the highest standards for medical facilities.

With over two decades of nursing experience, Shelli’s most recent tenure involved serving as a Hospice Director. This role not only deepened her understanding of healthcare but also ignited her passion for enhancing quality metrics in the industry.

Shelli enjoys the collaborative team approach and positive atmosphere at QUAD A. Beyond her professional commitments, Shelli remains deeply connected to QUAD A’s mission, resonating with the belief that “What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more.” Her dedication to ensuring healthcare excellence perfectly aligns with the core values of QUAD A, allowing her to contribute to our organization’s continuous improvement.