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Accreditation assures the public extra steps have been taken to promote patient safety. Click to learn more about QUAD A accreditation.

Our Staff

Bret Cochran, Accreditation Specialist, Bret Cochran Accreditation SpecialistBret Cochran

Accreditation Specialist

Bret Cochran is committed to his position as an Accreditation Specialist and supporting healthcare facilities on their accreditation journey. With a specific focus on Medicare accreditation, Bret oversees a seamless and thorough process. He takes proactive measures to swiftly and effectively address any questions, concerns, or challenges that may arise along the way. His dedication contributes to a seamless and successful accreditation process, helping healthcare facilities receive the support they need to achieve their accreditation goals.

Bret consistently demonstrates his unwavering pursuit of excellence in every project he takes on, truly embodying the core values of QUAD A. His enthusiasm for his work and commitment to patient safety make him an invaluable asset to the QUAD A team.

Bret expects more from facilities, so patients can worry less.