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Announcement of Desk Review Process

In light of the need to postpone routine reaccreditation survey activities, QUAD A is implementing a desk review process to maintain contact with facilities that were due for resurvey during the current public health emergency. The desk review focuses on activities that are vital to keep your staff, patients, and communities safe during the pandemic.

This desk review is consistent with our regulatory partners’ emphasis on infection control and emergency protocols, and includes: 1) a required self-assessment to be completed by the facility; 2) a focused policy review as it relates to the current COVID-19 emergency; and 3) support for any questions or concerns facilities may have during this unprecedented time.

While this desk review is not required for all accredited facilities, we are providing these tools to all Quad A accredited facilities in an attempt to provide useful tools and resources to assist you in conducting self-assessments of your facility, and because whenever your next survey occurs COVID-19 related considerations will be part of the survey process.

You may download the Desk Review Worksheet Tool and Desk Review Instructions and use as necessary. We are hopeful that these tools will prove beneficial in your attempts to keep your staff, patients and community safe during this public health crisis. Any facilities that must complete and submit desk review materials will be contacted directly by their accreditation specialists with directions and a due date for submission.