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COVID-19 Documents - Surveyor Communication | QUAD A
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COVID-19 Documents - Surveyor Communication | QUAD A

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, the COVID-19 Worksheet and COVID-19 Decision Grid are discontinued for ALL QUAD A facilities, both domestic and international, and for both Medicare and non-Medicare programs.

You are no longer required to complete the COVID-19 Worksheet, assess Community Transmission Levels, and correlate the level to the COVID-19 Decision Grid.

However, the COVID-19 Vaccine requirements remain in place for ALL Medicare programs until further notice. We will provide additional information when we receive updated guidance on the COVID-19 Vaccine r from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Until then, continue to assess compliance on all Medicare-deemed program surveys for COVID-19 Vaccine requirements, complete the COVID-19 Vaxx Worksheet, and submit it electronically with your other survey documents to the assigned accreditation specialist.

Although the Public Health Emergency (PHE) has expired, in terms of access to vaccines, COVID-19 testing, and free kits, the unfolding of some of the survey requirements for accrediting organizations requires approval (such as the COVID-19 Vaccine requirements) by CMS, which is pending currently.

Similar communication has been sent to all QUAD A facilities. We have encouraged facilities to update facility policies and procedures for those items in the COVID-19 Worksheet and COVID-19 Decision Grid and for the health and safety of their patients, visitors, and staff, to keep in mind the basic infection prevention strategies contained in both of these documents. Additionally, facilities were encouraged to have continued focus on standard and transmission-based precautions.

We thank you for the continued work that you do each day to ensure high-quality and safe patient care in the facilities that you survey and for your continued patience in the unrolling of the PHE.

At QUAD A, our goal is to be your go-to provider for accreditation – always striving to be an effective, efficient, and easy-to-work-with partner that values education, reliability, and communication.