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NYS Updated Guidance: Resumption of Non-Essential, Elective Surgeries

This information was originally sent by the New York State Department of Health. QUAD A is sharing it with our NY based OBS facilities to ensure it was received. Please direct any questions to the DOH.

On June 15, 2020, the New York Department of Health has issued updated guidance on the resumption of Non-essential elective surgeries and non-urgent procedures in hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Office Based Surgery practices and diagnostic and treatment centers.

This guidance is an update to the April 29, 2020 directive issued to hospitals by the New York State Department of Health (Department), as established by Executive Order No. 202.25, as well as guidance issued on May 19, 2020 to ASCs, OBS and DTCs.

Updated requirements from the April 29 directive are indicated in bold. Updates to the May 19 Guidance for ASC, OBS and DTC Providers are found on page 3, please see the updated guidance for ASC, OBC and DTC regarding testing and maintaining ongoing confirmation of local hospital capacity (bed census, ICU census, and ventilator availability).

Please note, eligibility requirements may be adjusted based on the prevalence of COVID-19 in a region or a county, and these surgeries and procedures may be suspended if there is a significant increase in community spread and/or hospitalization rates.

Access this updated guidance. Please contact the NY DOH should you have any questions: obs@health.ny.gov.