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White House Asks for Help to Meet National COVID-19 Needs

The White House’s COVID-19 Task Force is planning ways to facilitate distribution of supplies and equipment nationwide. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will arrange pickup and transport. Delineating the location of ventilators outside of hospitals is the first urgent need because hospitals are already facing ventilator shortages and ventilator manufacturing will not meet this need in time.

The Task Force and FEMA plan to route available ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals or other temporary medical facilities in need. Although we recognize that you contribute in order to do your part for this pandemic, the White House wants to assure those who contribute that they will be offered appropriate compensation for this much-needed equipment. The White House expresses its extreme appreciation for this concerted effort by medical professionals nationwide.

This is an opportunity to potentially save lives across the country during this pandemic and to integrate your own facility into the national emergency response. Please fill out the Contribute Supplies form as soon as possible and you will be contacted by FEMA. We encourage you to pass this link to others, regardless of specialty.

Thank you!