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QUAD A’s Guide to Re-opening Your QUAD A-Accredited Facility After Closure Due to COVID-19

QUAD A’s Guide to Re-Opening an QUAD A-Accredited Facility After Closure Due to COVID-19 is now available. This information is published and current as of April 23, 2020. This situation is fluid and information may change rapidly – QUAD A will update this list as appropriate.

Please note, unless specifically waived by the QUAD A office, facilities must be in compliance with all Program and Class specific QUAD A standards prior to resuming operations. QUAD A-accredited facilities may not begin providing care under QUAD A-defined Class B, C-M, or C anesthesia until sufficient anesthesia delivery equipment, monitoring equipment, and emergency equipment has been returned or replaced and has been certified to be in proper condition, to accommodate all cases and recovering patients. Prior to this, the QUAD A-accredited facility may begin to start conducting QUAD A-defined Class A cases in the interim.

Download the guide.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the QUAD A Central office.