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New Standards - Step 1 to a Fully Digitized Survey

Update as of August 20: Since the draft standards are still under review by Federal and State regulatory bodies, QUAD A is extending the tentative implementation effective date to October 18, 2021. We anticipate that surveys occurring on October 18, 2021, and beyond will be conducted utilizing these new standards.

QUAD A is excited to announce the completion of the first phase in moving to a fully electronic platform for our standards and surveys. This first phase required reorganizing and renumbering accreditation standards across all programs, to allow a more customized survey process.

In addition to restructuring standards, QUAD A has consolidated surveyor and facility accreditation resources into one cohesive manual to be used by facilities to prepare for their surveys and surveyors to use during the survey. The updated standards manual contains all worksheets and checklists used by QUAD A surveyors in assessing facility compliance.

Below are links to all new program-specific manuals and the new QUAD A Accreditation Resource Guide that will be used by facilities and QUAD A surveyors. Please take some time to review the relevant updated materials and to watch a brief overview of the changes in layout, functionality of the document, new numbering system, and worksheets.

These documents are currently in draft form while under review by Federal and State regulatory bodies. Once approved, QUAD A tentatively anticipates that the new standards will go into effect for surveys occurring on September 1, 2021, and beyond.

We understand that changes to the manual can create anxiety, rest assured we will be here to help you during this transition. We have created three brief training videos to walk you through the new documents, highlight the changes made to the standards, and explain how these new documents directly affect you as an QUAD A surveyor. We ask that you please take time to familiarize yourself with these new materials and hope you find these resources helpful. Should you have any questions, please email us at standards@quada.org.

Training Videos:

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