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Image Reborn – Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors Through Renewal & Connection

Rest. Renew. Connect. This is the mantra for Image Reborn, a non-profit organization that facilitates no-cost weekend retreats for individuals battling breast cancer. As avid supporters of comprehensive patient care, QUAD A is privileged to raise awareness about this life-changing program and its recent expansion to serve more people than ever.

In 1998, visionary plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Saltz founded Image Reborn in Park City, Utah. Dr. Saltz recognized an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of cancer care: emotional healing and rebuilding. Today, the integration of emotional support in treatment plans is considered essential for all cancer patients. What began with a small group of women in Utah has now grown into a global community of approximately 4,000 breast cancer survivors.

The Image Reborn Renewal Retreat program is designed and led by professionals experienced in addressing the unique needs of breast cancer patients. Renewal retreats focus on offering support in comfortable settings following the profound impact of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The program covers vital elements of the healing process, including:

Medical – Opportunities to ask tough questions and get candid answers from experts in various fields of oncology.

Emotional – Connecting survivors with tools and tips for managing emotional distress.

Mindfulness – Incorporating mindfulness techniques to allow for wholehearted living.

Physical Activity – Exercise, for all levels of ability, has been shown to reduce cancer recurrence.

Renewal – Time for rest and relaxation allows for opportunities to reflect and receive well-deserved treatments to alleviate physical pain.

Image Reborn hosts numerous retreats in Utah every year and has recently expanded to Colorado and Texas. These weekend retreats embody the principle of creating strong social networks by providing emotional, physical, and psychological support for breast cancer survivors. They offer opportunities for support, empowerment, and connection with community members through shared experiences. Practices such as yoga, massage, reiki, and group sessions are provided to aid those surviving and thriving in their recovery journey. The connections formed during these retreats can be life-changing, fostering a sense of community and belonging that enhances overall well-being and survivorship.

The importance of social support in the fight against breast cancer cannot be overstated. A large Kaiser Permanente study highlighted the finding that women with more social ties, such as spouses, community ties, friendships, and family members, had significantly lower breast cancer death rates and disease recurrence compared to socially isolated women. This underscores the role of social integration in improving breast cancer-specific outcomes.

Consider donating or getting involved to support Image Reborn in its mission to empower breast cancer survivors. Visit their website at Image Reborn Foundation to learn more. Your contribution can help provide these essential services to even more women so that no one faces breast cancer alone.

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