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Monkeypox PHE Announcement

On August 4, 2022, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared that a Public Health Emergency (PHE) exists for Monkeypox due to the uptick of confirmed cases across multiple states.

Although no new survey guidance has yet been issued in relation to this PHE announcement, it is important to remember that strict adherence to good hand hygiene and other infection control practices should be a routine practice in all healthcare facilities.

It is also imperative that facilities are aware of and understand the status of communicable diseases within their communities and how these conditions present in the patient population it serves.

This declaration is a prime example of how infection control remains a moving target and how accreditation preparation requires constant recalibration to remain compliant. 

Access the PHE declaration

As always, QUAD A is dedicated to patient safety and will keep our facilities and surveyors apprised of the situation as it unfolds.