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QUAD A Recognizes National CRNA Week

QUAD A recognizes National CRNA Week, a week dedicated to celebrating the nation’s Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and nurse anesthesia students while raising awareness about the profession's rich past and promising future.

The profession of nurse anesthesiology traces back to the 1860s when nurses eased the suffering of wounded soldiers in the Civil War. Today, there are nearly 66,000 CRNAs and nurse anesthesia students nationwide, many providing anesthesia services in QUAD A facilities. CRNAs are highly educated and skilled anesthesia experts who deliver specialized care to patients of all ages in all practice settings, providing safe and effective anesthesia care for every patient.

As providers, the last thing we want is for a surgical procedure to be traumatic for our patients. CRNAs help ensure patient safety and comfort by providing patient-centered, holistic pain management and anesthesia care during a procedure.

According to Gallup, CRNAs are among the nation’s most trusted professions. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown that CRNAs are safe, high-quality, and cost-effective anesthesia professionals who provide care to almost 50 million patients every year in collaboration with surgeons, dentists, podiatrists, physician anesthesiologists, and other qualified healthcare professionals.

QUAD A and CRNAs have the same patient-centered goal – to promote and ensure patient safety in every facility, for every patient. Our standards are written to safeguard patients by standardizing all patient care, including anesthesia care.

Please join QUAD A in recognizing CRNAs during national CRNA Week for their role in providing high-quality care for the public and for their contributions to the healthcare system in the United States.

At QUAD A, our goal is to be your go-to provider for accreditation – always striving to be an effective, efficient, and easy-to-work-with partner that values education, reliability, and communication.