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Accredited Facilities COVID-19 Update

Memo to all Quad A Accredited Facilities,

Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19, Quad A is working closely with CMS and the CDC to determine the best course of action moving forward in regard to the overall safety and emphasis of our survey process. Our goal is to continue with our services in a manner that is safe both for the facilities and surveyors. At this time, there will be an increased emphasis on infection control practices and compliance, as we feel this is of the utmost importance in light of current events.

All accredited facilities must have the following:

  • A policy manual that includes infection control policies and procedures that are consistent with current CDC guidelines.
  • Hand hygiene practices and policy in accordance with current CDC guidelines as well as a policy and procedure as to how the facility will adjust current practices addressing potential shortages of personal protective equipment and alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Facilities must also have written emergency preparedness plans along with their community involvement. Look for inclusion of “Pandemic Disease” such as COVID-19 on Risk Assessment and proper protocols in place to deal with such.

As an accrediting organization, we have an important partnership with our facilities to help reduce the spread of infection, including COVID-19, by evaluating the facility’s infection control and emergency preparedness policies ensuring all standards are being met. Our focus will be identifying any potential gaps for facilities to address by implementing immediate corrective actions to help halt the progress of the outbreak.

As we move forward, we continue to be vigilant and employ efforts to help avoid potential harm for our staff and surveyors in accordance with CDC guidelines. If you have any known or suspected contact with a patient that has the COVID-19 virus, you must follow your state requirements for reporting. In addition, please notify Quad A within 5 days of your report to your state agency.

We will update our facilities on any changes that occur due to the COVID-19 virus. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michon Mayfield, Director of Accreditation at mmayfield@aaaasf.org or (224) 701-6034.

The CDC has created resources for healthcare facilities including Steps Healthcare Facilities Can Take and Interim Guidance for Healthcare Facilities.

CMS released Information for Healthcare Facilities Concerning 2019 Novel Coronavirus Illness (2019-nCoV) on February 6th. It contains information that is useful for non-Medicare healthcare facilities as well.