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The Importance of Thought Leadership in Healthcare

Quad A Executive Director, Thomas S. Terranova, JD MA MBA, was recently cited in the research article titled Designing Accreditation Standards for Limited Surgery Facilities in Iran

Terranova speaks to the importance of thought leadership in the healthcare space saying, “Patient safety is the mission of Quad A, it is at the core of everything we do. While this concept is important to growing our population of accredited facilities worldwide and performing accreditation surveys that assure regulators and the public that care is being provided safely, patient safety is a core principle that we believe in driving no matter the commercial benefits. By making resources, knowledge, and perspective available to governments, patients, and facilities all over the world, we can help improve the level of safety in healthcare globally. When patients demand a demonstration of safety, and governments in turn mandate it, healthcare facilities answer the call and wear their accreditation as a badge of honor. This helps patients the world over enjoy safer healthcare and better outcomes. Any role we can play in exemplifying these values so others can build upon them is our obligation and is our honor.”