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Shareable Gives Back Time in Your Day

QUAD A is pleased to begin a collaboration with Shareable Forms in an effort to transition your paper forms into a more efficient electronic format. Learn more about Shareable Forms below. 

Time is money.

This adage has never been more relevant and truer than for Ambulatory Surgery Center leadership. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching how an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) operates, you know it is a lean, mean, efficient machine. It is the ultimate pursuit of providing an excellent surgical experience while trying to be as profitable and economical as possible.


That is why Shareable Forms is so thrilled to announce a collaboration that will reduce the time ASC staff spends entering data into reporting software. In a recent press release, Shareable Forms announced an integration collaboration with the QUAD A, to fulfill Quad A’s unique Patient Safety Data Reporting (PSDR) requirements.

The goal of this partnership is to automate much of the manual case data entry that QUAD A-accredited surgical facilities are required to enter into their reporting software on a quarterly basis. “The more we can automate, the more we can allow administrators to focus on the everyday challenges of taking care of staff in the COVID world while ultimately growing the business,” says Bobby Mehan, CEO of Shareable Forms.

In addition to the time savings of data entry, this will also give ASC administrators the confidence that their documentation is compliant with the standards that QUAD A is monitoring.

"I really look forward to using Shareable Forms to automatically populate required data points directly into the PSDR system,” says Sean Barnard, administrator of Idaho SurgiCenter, Inc. “This kind of streamlining is exactly what is needed to increase efficiency and accuracy while recording and recalling case information across various health facilities. It will save us hours each month flipping through patient charts."

Together, in this collaboration, both companies hope to introduce this tool to the industry to allow surgical facilities across the world to chart both efficiently and compliantly. In turn, both companies aim to further their missions of contributing to the advancement of the healthcare industry as a whole.

-- Austin Riddaugh, Vice President of Business Development

To learn more about how Shareable Forms can unlock the power of your forms, say hello to Austin at: or 352-999-1318.