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An EMR that Automates Your Reporting

QUAD A continues its efforts to create a more dynamic accreditation process and reduce barriers to operational efficiencies.

Shareable Forms is an organization specializing in converting ASCs and other medical offices from paper charts to interactive electronic medical records. Shareable Forms is now integrating its EMR with the unique Quad A PSDR system, automating the data that facilities currently submit manually. This creates operational efficiencies that ensure more accurate data and take the burden of remembering to make submissions off facility staff. It also reduces the chances that facility staff will receive tedious reminders and communications from QUAD A pushing for compliance. 

"There are any number of EMR systems in the market that can help facilities modernize their operations, Shareable's solution may be helpful for centers that want to go electronic and struggle with managing their data submission,” says Thomas Terranova, Executive Director of QUAD A.

“We have long said that our platform allows for compliant documentation, and this is a direct measure taken to further that mission,” says Bobby Mehan, CEO of Shareable Forms. "Both Shareable Forms and QUAD A share the goal of promoting patient safety and efficiency in healthcare, and this includes improving physician workflow and care practices.”

To learn more about how Shareable Forms, contact Austin at or 352-999-1318.