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Change to Follow-Up Survey Fees | QUAD A Announcement

In our unwavering commitment to prioritizing patient safety, we are revising our follow-up survey process. Historically, we have conducted follow-up surveys for our customers without any additional charge. Despite the equivalent expense of follow-up surveys, QUAD A's leadership opposes distributing these charges across all accredited facilities in accordance with our organizational values.

Follow-up surveys are conducted when surveyors find condition-level non-compliance during a Medicare program survey or observe a high number of or severe deficiencies during a non-Medicare survey. It is also possible to conduct a follow-up survey when an accredited facility has undergone changes in its practice.

Therefore, beginning October 1, 2023, we will adjust follow-up survey charges to the existing published rate for complete surveys. This will be based on your facility's specific specifications, including Class, Size, and Program. (https://www.quada.org/accredited-facilities).

This modification reinforces our dedication to putting Patients First. Always! Follow-up surveys are a critical tool for evaluating a facility's quality of care, and patient concerns must be taken seriously.

We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to providing you with unparalleled value and insights. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner on your journey of excellence!

Since 1980, QUAD A (a non-profit, physician-founded and led global accreditation organization) has worked with thousands of healthcare facilities to standardize and improve the quality of healthcare they provide – believing that patient safety should always come first.