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Quad A Supports Day Surgical Centers Achieve Mandatory Accreditation in Dubai

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (Quad A) executive leadership and clinical faculty will be traveling to Dubai in July to help Day Surgical Centers comply with the new law issued by the Dubai Health Authority. DHA Circular dated 21 May 2019, announced the new requirement that all Day Surgical Centers must achieve international accreditation and names Quad A as an approved accreditation agency.

Quad A will be conducting center visits, consultations, an accreditation symposium, and surveyor training sessions. All of these events are designed to bring Quad A’s collaborative and educational approach to Dubai and to make accreditation a seamless and stress-free endeavor.

Patient safety is of the mission of Quad A, it is our reason for being, and as the new law demonstrates that patient safety is also top priority for the Health Regulation Sector of Dubai. Quad A has collaborated with regulators, specialty societies, and medical associations in the United States and abroad since 1980, and Quad A’s ISQua accreditation, as recognized in the Circular, is a testament to our commitment to improving healthcare globally.

Quad A accreditation offers many benefits:

  • Experienced accreditation staff is available to answer questions you have throughout the accreditation and corrective action process.
  • Clinical staff and volunteer faculty are available to provide best practices to achieve compliance.
  • Standards are available for review and preparation, bringing transparency to the process.
  • Patient safety education and quality improvement processes help elevate center practices.
  • Surveyors are peers that perform day surgery and understand your values and customs.
  • Our peer review process establishes quantifiable patient safety data and drives standards revisions to improve care.

As one of the approved accreditation organizations in Dubai, Quad A will be presenting a symposium on center accreditation to answer questions about the process of accreditation and help center staff gain confidence in completing the accreditation process. There will also be training available for physicians that would like to become surveyors for Quad A. If you are interested in attending the Accreditation Symposium or Surveyor Training, please complete the online registration.

Quad A is also accepting a limited number of applications from Centers to be surveyed by our clinical faculty during the visit to Dubai. Centers may complete the Accreditation Application on the Quad A website to join the queue.