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APEX awards Dr. Foad Nahai

We take immense pride in Dr. Foad Nahai’s accomplishments. As one of the original members of the QUAD A board of directors and a globally renowned plastic surgeon, he has made remarkable contributions to the field. Recently, APEX acknowledged and awarded his exceptional writing.

Dr. Nahai’s impact extends beyond the operating room; he has authored over 250 articles on patient safety and plastic surgery. Additionally, he has contributed to more than 50 books and teaching videos on these subjects. It is, therefore, no surprise that his latest piece, “Do My Patients Care How I Dress, How I Look?” received the prestigious APEX Award of Excellence in the Editorial & Advocacy Writing category. You can find the full article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

In the article, Dr. Nahai emphasized the importance of appearance in the medical profession. He highlighted that, in matters of health, patients seek doctors who prioritize their well-being and appearance. Drawing a parallel, he noted that even in other professions, such as with airline pilots, appearance matters. Uniforms can help reassure patients and passengers.

You would never see a president delivering the State of the Union address in a Tommy Bahama t-shirt and flip-flops, right? There are many reasons why, but ultimately, a well-dressed president instills confidence. Similarly, a well-groomed, well-presented, and hygienic surgeon garners trust. As Dr. Nahai might say, “Wash up. Doctor’s orders.”

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