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Updated COVID-19 Worksheets & Decision Grid

QUAD A requires surveyors to move to a community-based transmission rate assessment focused on local COVID-19 transmission rates at the time of the survey rather than a blanket approach. Facilities should have policies and procedures in place to respond to transmission rate changes.  


COVID-19 Surveyor Supplemental Worksheet

Please review the updated COVID-19 Worksheets and Decision Grid. These updates are based on the September 23, 2022, CDC guidelines. The instructions are combined with the worksheet, and the changes are noted in red. The COVID-19 worksheet must be completed by the surveyor and returned along with the additional survey materials. The worksheet identifies the latest CDC guidelines with specific references to applicable QUAD A standards. QUAD A surveyors should use this worksheet to determine COVID-19-related deficiencies in addition to ordinary survey methods. 

We encourage facilities to utilize this supplemental surveyor worksheet to conduct an independent self-assessment to ensure all necessary measures have been implemented based on community transmission rates. Each COVID-19 worksheet contains a CDC link to the community transmission rates by county at the top of the first page that surveyors and facilities should use to verify local circumstances.


The COVID-19 Surveyor Worksheets can also be accessed here:
Surgical (ASC), OPT, RHC, Surgical, Procedural, Oral Maxillofacial, Pediatric Dentistry, International Surgical, and International Dental


COVID-19 Decision Grid

Please review the new COVID-19 decision grid. This tool was created to assist you in developing your COVID-19 policies and procedures during Low, Medium, and High Community Transmission rates.

We appreciate your continued commitment to patient safety. Any questions should be directed to standards@QUADA.org.