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QUAD A Announces Support of bcalmed

QUAD A is proud to announce our support of bcalmed. We are honored to promote the work of an organization committed to the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of patients. In addition to sharing bcalmed’s message and plea for support across all our channels, we recently had the opportunity to donate services in support of their effort to reach surgeons and other potential donors.

Life frequently introduces challenging circumstances, giving rise to remarkable stories of resilience, compassion, and triumph. The creation of bcalmed is one such story. Co-founders Pam Kelsky and Gabby Mann drew inspiration from Pam’s breast cancer journey, particularly her post-mastectomy experience. The struggles of managing the drains necessary for surgical wound care brought Pam to a poignant realization.

In response to Pam’s experience, bcalmed was born—a non-profit dedicated to easing the recovery of post-operative patients, specifically those undergoing mastectomies and lumpectomies. The development of the bcalmed bag is a testament to innovation born from necessity. It is a wearable bag with 2 or 4 compartments that hold post-surgical drains mastectomy patients often struggle to manage. The bag is offered free of charge to any patient in need, providing comfort and convenience during a crucial phase of the recovery process.

bcalmed not only supplies bags to mastectomy patients but also extends the opportunity for aesthetic surgeons with self-pay patients to receive bags in exchange for a donation. These bags have shown to be beneficial for patients recovering from various procedures such as abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. Surgeons who donate to bcalmed receive bags for their patients, and an equivalent number of bags are donated free of charge to breast cancer patients.

bcalmed’s vision extends beyond generosity; they aspire to make these specialized bags universally accessible for post-breast surgery patients everywhere. In their future endeavors, bcalmed plans to introduce a comprehensive kit that includes bags, a seat belt cushion, and a Post Op Top, further improving the post-operative experience.

The bcalmed bag embodies the spirit of compassionate care and marks a significant step forward in patient-focused recovery, making it a cause QUAD A is incredibly passionate about supporting. While QUAD A is steadfast in advocating for the standards and procedures facilities and healthcare providers should uphold to promote quality and safety, our commitment extends beyond that. Our support of bcalmed exemplifies our dedication to holistic patient care—where compassion, innovation, and comfort converge for the recovery every patient deserves.

Stay tuned for updates on our joint initiatives, programs, and events. Explore www.quada.org and discover why we are dedicated to putting Patients First. Always.

Since 1980, QUAD A (a non-profit, physician founded and led global accreditation organization) has worked with thousands of healthcare facilities to standardize and improve the quality of health care they provide – believing that patient safety should always come first. To learn more about QUAD A, their accreditation process, and why it’s so important to seek out accredited facilities when making healthcare related decisions, visit www.quada.org.