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QUAD A Hosts VIP Tour of Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Dubai

QUAD A hosted a private VIP tour of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Dubai on November 12th, 2022.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, a converted cargo plane, is a state-of-the-art teaching facility with an operating room, classroom, and recovery room that has served as a beacon of hope for patients globally since 1982. The Flying Eye Hospital has been accredited with QUAD A since 2014, aligning with the QUAD A standards of always promoting patient safety and standardizing patient care.

Orbis educates communities all over the world about eye health, distributes antibiotics to treat and prevent serious eye conditions, and provides important eye health information through radio broadcasts, film screenings, and other educational materials. They also establish long-term or permanent programs in underserved countries and help increase the capacity of their healthcare systems to allow for access to quality eye care. In the Flying Eye Hospital, Orbis trains all levels of healthcare staff - from ophthalmologists and nurses to leadership roles - to help improve the quality of patient care.

During the tour, providers were invited into the operating room, classroom and training facility, and recovery room. The aircraft has an advanced audio-visual system that allows training participants in the classroom to watch surgeries in the operating room and ask the surgeon questions in real time. There is also a mobile simulation center that allows practitioners to practice their new skills before operating on patients. Along with the mobile simulation center, there is a full simulation lab with artificial eyes and life-like mannequins to allow for more practice.

QUAD A values the mission behind the Flying Eye Hospital and hopes to continue collaborating with Orbis to further promote patient safety and patient care. 

QUAD A is a global accreditation authority – always striving to be an effective, efficient, and easy to work with partner that values education, reliability, and communication. To learn more about QUAD A, the accreditation process, and why it’s so important to seek out accredited facilities when making healthcare related decisions, visit www.quada.org