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Janice Izlar, DNAP, CRNA FAANA and Jay Horowitz, CRNA, ARNP 12 min read

To Hold or Not Hold Ozempic Before Anesthesia

With the rapid growth of patients taking glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists ...
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QUAD A 6 min read

QUAD A's Educational Foundation

QUAD A's Educational Foundation: Leading the Way in Patient Safety Research QUAD A's ...
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QUAD A 3 min read

Making a Difference: QUAD A's Support for Orbis's Vision Worldwide

Orbis' Flying Eye Hospital has landed in Lusaka, Zambia, continuing their vital ...
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QUAD A 3 min read

World Health Day

At the first World Health Assembly in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided ...
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QUAD A 3 min read

California Introduces New Pain Management Guidelines

The Medical Board of California has made significant strides in combatting the opioid ...
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QUAD A 3 min read

Ambulatory Surgery Center Deficiencies

QUAD A's mission is to elevate Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) in delivering ...
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QUAD A 13 min read

UK Aesthetics Associations: A Safety Net or Credibility Accessories?

By: M. Rossiter, D. Zargaran, A. Zargaran, T. Terranova, W. Rosenblatt, S. Hamilton, A. ...
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QUAD A 36 min read

Cosmetic business mechanics in London: An analysis of ASA compliance

1 - INTRODUCTION The proliferation of providers and practitioners of cosmetic botulinum ...
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QUAD A 4 min read

Profiling UK Injectable Aesthetic Practitioners: A Cohort Analysis

The United Kingdom's injectables market is experiencing rapid growth, but the lack of ...
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QUAD A 21 min read

Emergency Preparedness Programs Compliance

Introduction In 2016, thousands of healthcare providers were surprised to learn that they ...
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April 2024

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May 2-5 | Vancouver, BC, CA

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