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Image Reborn – Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors Through Renewal & Connection

QUAD A Announces Strategic Collaboration with Surglogs

Saving Lives: The Key to Preventing a Common Postoperative Complication

To Hold or Not Hold Ozempic Before Anesthesia

Articulating The Importance Of Accreditation – A Novel Approach

How Altra Medic Hospital in Guatemala Overcame Medication Challenges

Arscott Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery achieves QUAD A accreditation

QUAD A Announces Support of bcalmed

QUAD A's Educational Foundation

Give Back this Giving Tuesday | QUAD A's Educational Foundation

APEX awards Dr. Foad Nahai

Tom Terranova joins ASC Podcast

Making a Difference: QUAD A's Support for Orbis's Vision Worldwide

2 in 3 cosmetic UK surgery injections are not administered by doctors

Dr. Janice Izlar honored with AANA Award in Outstanding Accomplishment

World Health Day

California Introduces New Pain Management Guidelines

QUAD A Accreditation: The Preferred Choice for Healthcare Facilities

QUAD A Announces Randi Hamilton as the New Director of Marketing

Ambulatory Surgery Center Deficiencies

UK Aesthetics Associations: A Safety Net or Credibility Accessories?

Updated Vaccine Standards Announcement | QUAD A

Cosmetic business mechanics in London: An analysis of ASA compliance

Profiling UK Injectable Aesthetic Practitioners: A Cohort Analysis

Emergency Preparedness Programs Compliance

COVID-19 Documents - Surveyor Communication | QUAD A

COVID-19 Documents - Facility Communication | QUAD A

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Expires

Hand Hygiene: A Simple & Sudsy Reminder

Facilities Submit Patient Safety Data Reports to Benefit of Education Foundation

ISAPS and The Aesthetic Society Warn of the Danger Associated with the American Fentanyl Crisis

QUAD A Hosts VIP Tour of Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Dubai

QUAD A Recognizes Physician Anesthesiologists Week

QUAD A Recognizes National CRNA Week

Updated COVID-19 Worksheets & Decision Grid

International Surgery and Dentistry Standards Updates

ADVION Members Receive 10% Discount

Monkeypox PHE Announcement

Leadership Discusses BBL Dangers

Messaging Safety as a Value in Patient Choice

An EMR that Automates Your Reporting

Shareable Gives Back Time in Your Day

Update – COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Quad A participates in the 7th edition of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress

New & Revised Standards

QUAD A to host informational session in dubai

Join Quad A at ASCA 2022

Another Reason to Smile at The Smile Lodge

Advisory on Shortening Isolation Period for Certain Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers

Orbis: A Digital Journey

CMS Announces New Regulations Regarding Vaccination Status in Healthcare Settings

Assessing Your Clinic’s Risk

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Biden Administration COVID-19 Action Plan will Require Vaccination for Many ASCs

Listen to - Should my Practice Be Accredited? on AAPD's Pedo Teeth Talk podcast

New Standards - Step 1 to a Fully Digitized Survey

Community Blood Drive

Commemorating Juneteenth

COVID-19: A Continued Battle

Participate in our Virtual Blood Drive

A Reminder About Controlled Substances

QUAD A Executive Director, Thomas Terranova, And Board Member, Monte Goldstein, MD, Present On Accreditation And COVID-19

Quad A is saddened to announce Passing of John D. Newkirk, PhD MD

Dr. Harvey Finkelstein Speaks at International conference

Outpatient Physical Therapy Facility Accreditation

QUAD A Staff Volunteering in the Community

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Webinar

Demonstrate and Highlight Safety and Preparedness in Your Pediatric Dental Facilities

PSDR 2020 Period 3 Submissions

Statement Regarding Processing Delays

Quad A Mourns the Loss of Past President Harlan Pollock

CMS Emergency Preparedness Testing Exemption and Guidance Update

CMS Categorical LSC Waiver Memo for Corrugated Medical Tubing

The Importance of Thought Leadership in Healthcare

Joint Statement: Roadmap for Maintaining Essential Surgery during COVID-19 Update

HHS Declares PHE for Louisiana and Texas

QUAD A Achieves Continued International Accreditation

President Trump’s Executive Order on Rural Health

Extension of the National Public Health Emergency

Dr. Paul Schnur Receives Distinguished Service Award

Quad A Statement on Racial Equality

The Quad A accreditation has facilitated medical centers in Dubai to enhance patient safety and service quality

Universal Healthcare Consulting and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Execute First Tele-video Provisional Survey

AAPD-Quad A Collaboration Emphasizes Patient Safety in Uncertain Times

NYS Updated Guidance: Resumption of Non-Essential, Elective Surgeries

Quad A Board Appoints William B. Rosenblatt Board President

RHC COVID-19 Testing and Testing Related Activities

Emergency Preparedness Virtual Training

Patient Safety Data Reporting Period 1 2020 Extension

Managing MH in an ASC or Office-Based Center Webinar

ASPR-TRACIE Tools and Resources for Facilities During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Policy Template for Increasing Case Volume

ISAPS Resources to Help Your Facility with Re-Opening

COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers

COVID-19 Facility Resources

Rural Provider Relief Fund Details Announced

CMS Revised Guidance for RHC Telehealth Billing

CMS Reevaluates Accelerated Payment Program and Suspends Advance Payment Program

QUAD A’s Guide to Re-opening Your QUAD A-Accredited Facility After Closure Due to COVID-19

Announcement of Desk Review Process

CMS Releases Guidance on Telehealth Billing for RHCs

COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide

The FDA Updates Its FAQs On The Use Of Cloth Gowns

CMS COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Announcement of Flexibilities for ASCs

Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Webinar

Help Meet National COVID-19 Needs – All Ventilators Welcome, Regardless of Working Condition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Partner Toolkit

Temporary Suspension of Elective Procedures

White House Asks for Help to Meet National COVID-19 Needs

Use of Personal Protective Equipment by Anesthesia Professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CMS Recommends Postponing Elective Cases

COVID-19 Facility Guidance, Resources, and Tools

Notice Regarding Suspension of Surveys Due to COVID-19

DHA Update Regarding Elective and Non-urgent Surgical Procedures

COVID-19 Early Lessons

Memo to Quad A surveyors regarding COVID-19

Accredited Facilities COVID-19 Update

CMS has issued guidance for healthcare facilities regarding COVID-19

Med Art Clinic Day Surgery Center’s Accreditation Experience

Accredited and Future Facilities CMS Burden Reduction Standard Updates

CMS Seeking Public Comment on Improving Maternal & Infant Health Care in Rural Communities

New York OBS Facilities – Adverse Event Reporting

Information for Healthcare Facilities Concerning Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Clinical Team Elevates Quad A to New Level

ASCs and other settings previously accredited by The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ)

Importance of Health Care in Rural America

CMS publishes final rule outlining burden reductions for ASCs, RHCs, and OPTs.

Quad A Welcomes Monda Shaver, RN BSN MSHM, as Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer

Revised Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Guidance Updating Emergency Medicine Availability—State Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix G

QUAD A strengthens its presence in the Middle East with events in UAE

New Bills Passed In Florida

Quad A Supports Day Surgical Centers Achieve Mandatory Accreditation in Dubai

QUAD A Educational Foundation Gifts Learning Center

QUAD A Appoints Thomas S. Terranova as Executive Director

CMS Announces Quad A’s Continued Recognition As An Accrediting Organization for Its Outpatient Physical Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Services Accreditation Program

RA/OPT Standards and Checklist for Outpatient Physical Therapy Facilities Updated

Life Safety Code Survey Fee Increase

Procedural Standards and Checklist for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Updated

Medicare Standards and Checklist for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Updated

CMS Announces Quad A’s Continued Recognition As An Accrediting Organization

QUAD A Mourns Loss of Past President

Quad A Comments on Dangers of Brazilian Butt Lifts

Follow-Up Survey Fee Policy

Quad A releases white paper on thromboembolism prevention in outpatient cosmetic plastic surgery procedures

N.J.S.A. § 26:2H-12

Common deficiencies cited by QUAD A and how to fix them — Every OR must be equipped with an AED or standard defibrillator

CMS launches new Surveyor Training Website

Common deficiencies cited by Quad A and how to fix them — Being prepared for a situation affecting the surgeon or anesthesia provider

Patient Safety in Accredited Outpatient Facilities

Common deficiencies cited by QUAD A and how to fix them: Administration of drugs

ASCA rebukes ‘sensationalized’ story misrepresenting ASC safety

CMS Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Plan Standards

Quad A awards accreditation to facility in Dubai

New adverse reporting requirements for California

New Procedural Standards Effective 1/31/2018

Quad A mourns loss of board member

New Standards for Florida ASC’s

New Medicare Emergency Preparedness Standards

CMS Emergency Preparedness Rules Update

CMS Emergency Preparedness Rules Update

Patient safety organizations

Quad A past president earns Royal College’s highest honor

New Standard in Effect

About Quality Assurance

Help Support Patient Safety